Bayraktar Shipping

Company Profile

Bayraktar Shipping Group was formed to meet the scrupulous challenge at today’s ship operators & managers.


We believe that a skill can go so far that it understands and focuses on the special needs of each ship and our objective is to offer dedicated quality service and personnel involvement while still providing large company supply benefits. Personal commitment in a very large operation is soon lost due to blanket policies rigidly enforcing on all vessel types and situation. Bayraktar offers the flexibility to be able to hire the best team to meet ship owner’s specific needs.


We merge shipping experience, technical know-how and a global approach in our team to produce an organization capable of meeting today’s strict standards in safety and protection environment.


Our vessels are able to trade worldwide in a multitude of trade routes carrying a wide range of cargoes covering a number of industries. Our fleet is carrying a total capacity of 235,000 deadweight tons of dry bulk, container & general cargo vessels. We are focused on ensuring our vessels adhere to the highest safety and environmental standards. A proactive approach to safety and ongoing investment in people, environment and quality are fundamental in everything we do.


Our efforts ensure that not only we meet all compliance standards, but also exceed them wherever we can. Whilst shipping is energy-efficient in terms of transportation, we work proactively to ensure the sustainability of the business by reducing its impact on the environment.


Shipping is a business of people. Therefore we continuously invest in the development and advancement of all our employees, as we recognize that their contribution is fundamental in implementing our strategies successfully.

Our strength lies in our extensive experience in the total concept of ship operators and management;


•          S&P

•          Technical / Crew Management

•          Supervising for New Building

•          Bunkering

•          Insurance



Our vision is to offer high-quality maritime transportation by serving to global shipping trades, while sustaining safety of environment and energy efficiency with a team of inspired employees.



Our journey so far has been one of a steady advancement in a consistent direction and we never forget its purpose.


Our job is to transport all products at sea. It is a fact that the transportation of cargoes keeps the world economies alive. Our business contributes to global and local economic development, growth and stability. If this is accomplished in an environmentally sound manner, it contributes to safety and sustainability. Through committing ourselves to the highest quality and ethical standards, we have established a company culture that our team upholds outside the workplace, as well. This extensive mission is what truly inspires us and gives us the motivation to move forward:


  • Providing the highest level of service to our customers in order to build a trustworthy and long lasting relationship
  • Aiming to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with zero claims
  • Complying with all rule requirements that are applicable to its managed ships
  • Reducing the number of accidents and incidents to zero
  • Reducing any oil spill to zero in terms of environmental protection
  • Constant improvement and advancement in management
  • Implanting energy efficient and environment friendly technologies by participating in pilot programs with leading equipment manufacturers
  • Maintaining one of the leading positions in Turkish shipping
  • Establishing a major global presence, in dry bulk and container shipping markets.
  • Taking responsibility of possible operational, technical, environmental risks and taking immediate action preventing them
  • Sustaining a safe and protected environment and property for our employees and customers

Our Values

The values that guide our business

We are guided in everything we do by our core values: Fair, Rigorous, Enthusiastic and Enterprising. These values support us to develop the way we work, down to the very last detail.


We are an honest, open and sensible company, with high ethical standards and respect for everyone we work with.


We are hard-working, reliable and down-to-earth. We work in a sophisticated, analytical, balanced way, and have an unrelenting focus on performance.


We are eager, dynamic and passionate about what we do; highly driven, and focused on achieving the very best we can for everyone we work with and for.


Ambitious, inventive and progressive; we enjoy working collaboratively and are constantly on the look-out for incremental improvements and the next new development.